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21st February
written by Michael Kanazawa

The company iRobot has done a great job of creating the market for consumer robotics solutions to help with routine tasks at home. The Director of Global Technical Support describes in the attached video how customer experience is the “new” brand. In other words, she clearly points out the concept of Brand Integrity and that Roomba is know for saving customers time. So, if that is the case, then technical support help needs to mirror that same value of saving customers time.

Too often you will see a mismatch between the brand promise and customer experience realities. For example, a broadband internet company that promises speed, may have a slow customer portal website with too many slow-loading Flash elements. This is what we would call a “counter point” where the experience directly contradicts the brand. Although these two areas are not always considered together in building strategies, customer experience and brand are inseparable and should be intentionally synchronized.